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Public Determines Addition to Stoner's Private Media Art Collection

UPDATE :  Public Determines Addition to Private  Media Art Collection

On Tuesday evening - April 24th - an art lecture included an unprecedented participatory twist.‎ Three screens outside the exhibition Glistening:Nature Mirrored in Video Art, featured  works by a young Venezuelan artist, Miguel Braceli.


Those attending Tom Stoner's talk about the evolution of his and his wife's collection were asked to weigh-in with their recommendations regarding which of the three Braceli's would best augment works shown in Glistening. Over half of those gathered posted their ballots on the bulletin board outside the show. The tally among 78 votes leaned slightly toward IRAZU, a performance intervention shot atop a volcano in Costa Rico. 

Stoner reflects:  

"Kitty and I are thrilled that the community deeply engaged in the collection showing at Maryland Hall. The topper was when so many were inspired to vote on which work should be next to enhance the collection.The enthusiasm for Irazu was the greatest but enough (voters) felt the three belong together that we have decided to add all three.Thanks to all‎!"

Reached with this news, in his studio in Caracas, the artist, who'd given his blessing to this unorthodox endeavor responded:‎ 

"Thanks to all who contributed ballots. Kudos to the Stoner's for their embrace of public input.  I am moved by your recognition that my works  interface with the themes in this exceptional collection. This imaginative process felt very near to the spirit  my art practice. It provided another way to connect people, experiences and ideas."


Braceli, (left to right) Area, Irazu 6, El Fin De Mer,

Braceli has received a Fulbright Fellowship he will serve at Maryland College of Art Institute, beginning this Fall. Glistening closes May 5th.

Ballot comments included reflections such as  :  

"We experience the beauty, the vastness, solitude + nurturing spirit of nature - comforting and anchoring in today's crazy, frantic and often frightening, disturbing world.‎" 

‎"... #2 captures the best of the three. But (in the procession depicted in #3 the desert seen as a beach)  ‎ Time and nature will reclaim the earth, after and in spite of the impact of human intervention‎.‎"

‎"Each draws out ideas in Glistening  - all strong,  elegant.‎"