Laser Spectacular Featuring the Music of Pink Floyd | Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts

Laser Spectacular Featuring the Music of Pink Floyd

Presented by Maryland Hall
April 12th
8:00 PMPurchase


Laser Spectacular Featuring the Music of Pink Floyd

The music of Pink Floyd…as you’ve never seen before! This totally immersive experience has become a must see cult classic. Laser Spectacular carries listeners away on a mind-expanding journey driven by cutting-edge effects, high-powered lasers, large screen video projection and special lighting effects; all choreographed to the masterful soundtrack of Pink Floyd.  

  • The first half, viewed though 3-D glasses, features  Dark Side of the Moon and the "Best of Floyd."
  • The second half, viewed though mind-blowing prism glasses, rocks to Pink Floyd's The Wall.

Experience the excitement of a live concert with multi-screen video projection, state-of-the-art laser technology and 10,000 watts of concert sound all choreographed to one of the greatest bands of all time. This show has been enjoyed by audiences worldwide.


"It was an amazing show with phenomenal laser technology! The sound quality was excellent...I went with my teenage Grandson and he thought it was "cool" and enjoyed the show. What a terrific way to bridge generations. I love Pink Floyd!" ~ Kariann H. on facebook

"This show was simply phenomenal! From the music you could feel pulsating inside you to the unexplainable experience of the plethora of lasers and images completely surrounding and dancing right before your eyes. We loved the classy theatre atmosphere that included all walks of life coming together to enjoy and appreciate this classic music that has made such a difference in music history. I highly recommend this show. I brought my 9 year old daughter and all she could say was 'Wow,' I’ve never seen anything like this! What a great night! Still talking about it 2 days later!" ~ Jenny R. on facebook