Labyrinth | Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts


The labyrinth at Maryland Hall, designed and constructed in 2001-2002, is a replica of the labyrinth inlaid in the nave floor of the Notre Dame de Chartres Cathedral outside of Paris.

The labyrinth is part of the Founder's Green (front lawn) of Maryland Hall which also includes walkways and a painter's circle.  The labyrinth has eleven circuits to its single pathway, for a walk that is approximately one-half mile in length and has a diameter of just over 42 feet.

How to Walk the Labyrinth

There is no right or wrong way to walk the labyrinth.  However, some of the following tips will help visitors get the most out of your labyrinth journey.

Begin your walk at the entrance (outside rim) and if you encounter other people pass them or let them pass you.  Clear your mind and become aware of your breathing.  Maintain silence throughout your walk and when others are walking.  Walk at your own pace.  Pause for rest and reflection.  Practice mindful walking by becoming aware of sights, smells, sounds and sensations.  Find a private space to reflect through meditation, writing or drawing when you have completed your walk.

We are most grateful to the TKF Foundation for their support of the labyrinth and the Founder's Green.