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Film and New Media Program

Maryland Hall is excited to announce the creation of the Faith Goldstein and Jesse Cunitz Center for Film and New Media at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts (MHCA).  Using the artistic disciplines of film and media, the Center will present and produce programs to engage, entertain and educate audiences on critical contemporary, historical and cultural issues.  The creation of the Center is made possible through generous gifts from Faith Goldstein and Jesse Cunitz. 

The formation of the Center will provide a new opportunity for community engagement as part of MHCA’s mission of “art for all,” complementing Maryland Hall’s broad-based education programs and long-standing performing and visual arts programs.  Through the Center, Maryland Hall will present ongoing film and media-related activities ranging from film series and education classes to lecture series and workshops.  Activities will be planned and organized for a wide range of audiences -- from at-risk students and young adults to seniors -- beginning in fall 2017.  Programmatic examples might include film series and discussions; classes or workshops in script writing or drawing anime; lecture series with noted filmmakers; and concerts showcasing music in film.  

Faith Goldstein has been a passionate and avid film aficionado for most of her life. She served as a former Board member of the Annapolis Film Festival.  Goldstein says:  “Film and media today combine information with technology; creativity with new forms of creation, and the experience of viewing reality from different vantages.  A democratic society requires the separation of fact from opinion and reality from fantasy in order to produce informed voters and citizens who select leaders who will maintain our values as a civilized nation.  My hope is that this film society will provide opportunities to use film as the catalyst for discussion and to educate and inform our community.”

Faith’s husband, Jesse Cunitz, is Vice President of the Maryland Theater for the Performing Arts. He and Faith were both involved in the creation of the Compass Rose Theater at its present location and are enthusiastic supporters of ASO and Maryland Hall.  “We hope to create and promote a lively, exciting and thriving center of culture and just plain old fun in the heart of Maryland’s beautiful capital city,” says Cunitz. 

“This is wonderful opportunity to promote the cinematic arts to the Annapolis and Anne Arundel communities on an ongoing basis,” says Emily Garvin, MHCA’s VP of Programs.  “We are looking forward to creating innovative programming that brings new people to Maryland Hall to learn about the art of film and the power it has to educate and inform.”

Additional donations to Maryland Hall designated for the Film Center are welcome and are 100% tax deductible. For more information about the Center, please contact Emily Garvin, VP of Programs at