Working the Water: Photography by Jay Fleming | Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts

Working the Water: Photography by Jay Fleming

Martino Gallery, 2nd floor

Check out our interview with Jay Fleming to learn more about the exhibit:

Photographer Jay Fleming

Annapolis photographer Jay Fleming has spent the last five years documenting the Chesapeake Bay's fascinating and dynamic seafood industry. Jay compiled over 300 photographs from his journey on the bay to document nearly every fishery in Maryland and Virginia into his first book, Working the Water. Published in the fall of 2016, the book is already in its third printing, was well received throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed, and quickly became a regional bestseller. Jay's exhibit at Maryland Hall (Martino Gallery) will include photographs from Working the Water and from his forthcoming book Island Life - a documentation of life on Smith and Tangier Islands, the only two inhabited islands in the Chesapeake Bay. 

 Jay Fleming shooting on Kent Island near the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Photograph by Mike Morgan 


Photographs by Jay Fleming

(Left) Smith Island Crab Scraping - Scraping for crabs as a morning storm rolls across the shallow waters of Tangier Sound  

(Center) Boat Painting - Waterman, Morris Marsh, paints his skiff on a summer afternoon. Ewell, Mayland

(Right) Crab and Striped Bass - A Striped Bass preys upon a crab on a shallow grass flat near Tangier Island.