VISUAL MUSIC: The Parallel World of Rhythm & Melody by Michael Spears | Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts

VISUAL MUSIC: The Parallel World of Rhythm & Melody by Michael Spears

Chaney Gallery, 2nd floor

Reception on Thursday, Nov. 7 from 5:30 - 7 pm.


VISUAL MUSIC: The Parallel World of Rhythm & Melody by Michael Spears featuring his latest Opus works inspired by the influence of religion on R&B of the 60’s and 70’s.

Michael asks, "Does the prodigious infusion of R&B into current wide-reaching marketing strategies (TV/radio commercials) suggest more than is immediately apparent?" Michael believes that the mesmerizing rhythms and melodies, marvels in their own right, are intertwined with lyrics that satisfy the universal appeal of hope and a better tomorrow.


Michael Spears, (left to right) Untitled, mixed media, Opus #3, mixed media, Opus #18, oil on canvas 

Artists are often asked to explain what their art is about. The answer to this seemingly simple question can be quite elusive, somewhat complex and subject to change as the artist ages. Many artists have an innate, some believe God-given ability to express their talents through one or more of the various media — painting, sculpture, writing, etc. However, technical proficiency in a particular medium does not alone assure an outcome or expression that connects — one that “speaks” to the viewer as intended by the artist. This clarity of expression develops for some artists early in life — for others, much later. It might even develop from some sudden awakening or transformative, mind-blowing encounter. Michael Spears owes the evolution of his process to an encounter with a huge hole in the ground. 

This hole is the magnificent Grand Canyon. Spears’ visit there in 2008 changed his life, both spiritually and artistically. He remarks, “For me, the Canyon’s spiritual vastness and monumentality led to the questioning of my perceived realities. Its grandness exposed my ignorance of life’s possibilities and opened my mind to not only what is, but to also what could be.”  Spears began to think outside the box.

Putting aside his more traditional ideas, Spears’ thoughts took on a more metaphysical persuasion. With a broader spiritual and intellectual language, coupled with his lifelong regard for the transcendental power of music, Spears began to wonder about the possible existence of other intangible worlds — worlds to which we might be transported via the mesmerizing portals of music. It is this idea that Michael Spears captures through his art.