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Under One Sky

Chaney Gallery, 2nd floor







Exhibition Bio

Carol Donahue and Gail Higginbotham have exhibited in and around Annapolis for the past four years. There is a complementary style that emerges in their approach to light, color and structure.  During 2016 Carol relocated to Houston, on a Texas adventure to be near family, and Gail and her husband cruised the intracoastal waterway to winter in Charleston, South Carolina. New and different surroundings inspired their work that continues in a voice not hindered by time or distance. Under One Sky represents past and present works for both artists.


Carol Donahue Artist Statement

I am an independent freelance photographer, third generation born in Washington, D.C.

I have loved living in a rural community, on the edge of the Chesapeake Bay, and able to trip in and out of the nation’s capital city. I studied photography at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts with Dick Bond. I also studied  with Fine Art Photographer Don Kneessi for 4 years at Anne Arundel Community College. The alternative processes piqued my interests and inspired my approach to photography. I was challenged to push the boundaries of creating images. “Learn the rules then you can break them” Kneessi instructed. 

There is an intensity in the rhythms of urban architecture and my latest project has been to capture that rhythm.  In the spaces there is a balance between stability and movement.  I look for the transitions between the buildings and their relationship to the environment. My focus is on creating an image with a strong use of light, line and color.  I am excited to capture the energy of life in these spaces that is implied as much as seen.

Gail Higginbotham Artist Statement

I enjoy a variety of art, abstract to realism, I give character to ordinary objects focusing on design in the painting.  I look at the components that make up the whole object.  My process of painting is solving a puzzle by creating interesting shapes, marks, values and textures to incorporate into the composition.  I am truly inspired by the interaction of colors and how they play off each other!