Umbrella and Its Many Ways, Paintings by Betty Pethel | Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts

Umbrella and Its Many Ways, Paintings by Betty Pethel

Martino Gallery, 2nd floor

Reception on Thursday, July 16 from 5:30 - 7 pm


Pethel, (Left) Mystery, (Right) To the Opera

Exhibition Statement

Umbrellas! One can hold them high or low and when we do, they become an expressive extension of a "happening." Umbrellas can offer protection, such as a foil against the sun, protect from the rain, make a fashion statement, and as we saw in Hong Kong (2019 protest), defensive protection against one's foe. 

The paintings in this series are the artist's portrayal of the umbrella, both as a physical object and a metaphorical entity, used to group people in our relationships with each other. Pethel asks "If you are in a social setting, using your umbrella to shelter or shade yourself and those around you, are you not forming relationships with those people? Are you not together "weathering" what is to come? And, are we not all under the Umbrella of God?"


Pethel, Birth, painting


Pethel, (Left) By the Sea, (right) Hong Kong Protest

Artist Bio

Betty Pethel's academic art studies include the University of Arizona in Tuscon and private locations in New Jersey. In Annapolis, there were years of studies at Maryland Hall, St. Johns College, and Anne Arundel Community College. Her paintings seek to reveal the poignancy of "a happening," capturing colorful events in dynamic movement, or depicting a fragile stillness that may soon erupt into the unexpected. She invites the viewers of her art to observe closely the unfolding dramas, the little vignette of characters found in the paintings, and explore along with her "the why" of her work. As you view the paintings, are you there?


Pethel (Left) An Afternoon Promenade, (Right) Red Umbrella