RIPE! Fruit and Vegetable Perspectives by Jan Kirsh | Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts

RIPE! Fruit and Vegetable Perspectives by Jan Kirsh

Chaney Gallery, 2nd floor


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Announcing "RIPE! Fruit and Vegetable Perspectives," a solo exhibition at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts by artist and landscape designer, Jan Kirsh. Vegetable and fruit sculptures of vivid color and alluring form will be showcased, including newly completed work, Pomegranates, Patricia's Carrots, and Caper Plates, a line of vegetable-inspired dinnerware. Kirsh will also display wearable art such as her Pear and Onion pendants – small, elegant versions of the original, larger forms. Sculpted by hand in oil-based clay, then cast and digitally scanned, Kirsh's customizable pieces are ultimately fabricated in materials suitable for indoor or outdoor display and are available in virtually any size and color.

The show will run from September 10 – October 29, 2016 with a public opening reception to be held from 5:30 – 7:00 PM on Thursday September 15th. For more information visit,

Kirsh’s vision for the show is to generate excitement, engagement and surprises. “I want to create a sense of wonder, curiosity and fun from the moment someone sets foot into the exhibit. Imagining how a viewer might experience the dimensional space, I want to orchestrate a symphony of visually dynamic conversations among the pieces,” she said.    



Visualizing and designing gardens informs my art. Likewise, my origins as an artist influence and enhance my garden designs. People come to me because they want the artistic viewpoint, because I create gardens as art, and art for the garden.

When I take time to look closely at the natural forms around me, I am inspired to capture that vitality. Like people and plants, my fruit and vegetable sculptures are alive with possibility. Their personalities are powerful. They want to jump up and run around the studio, or settle in for a quiet conversation.

My work is about joy and expression. It is about relationships. My art reflects the intimate wonder of nature.