Patrice Drago: Balanced Distraction | Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts

Patrice Drago: Balanced Distraction

Martino Gallery, 2nd floor

New work by Maryland Hall Artist-in-Residence Patrice Drago.  

Closing Reception: Thursday, June 9 | 5:30 - 7 pm

“Life is multi-faceted; exciting and frustrating, calm and chaotic, vivid and muted, often all at once.  “The Balanced Distraction” is a series of large abstract works presenting balanced, yet energetic compositions consisting of multiple varying layers that represent the constant forward motion of life and its many interferences.  Interference paint – a paint that offers a stunning reflection in some light and becomes flat from a different perspective – is included in the layers to demonstrate the various ways one can interpret those unexpected events that take us by surprise.”  

Click here to see Patrice Drago's biography and artist statement.  

L-R: Patrice Drago, Ancient Mysteries, detail acrylic on canvas. Patrice Drago, Crazed Studio Empress, acrylic & mixed media. Patrice Drago, Detail of This Precious World, acrylic & mixed media.