Following in his Footsteps: Frederick Douglass 200 Creative Arts Competition Exhibition | Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts

Following in his Footsteps: Frederick Douglass 200 Creative Arts Competition Exhibition

Openshaw Balcony Gallery, 3rd floor

Reception on Thursday, January 17 from 5:30 - 7 pm.

Following In His Footsteps – Frederick Douglass 200 Creative Arts Competition

2018 marked the “Year of Frederick Douglass” in Maryland, and what better way to celebrate his life than through student voices and creative expression! Born Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey (1818-1895) in Talbot County, Maryland, Frederick Douglass was the first African American to gain international fame as a social crusader. Douglass helped lead the anti-slavery movement and he also fought for women’s rights. Douglass understood that “reading was his pathway from slavery to freedom.”

Anne Arundel County students, public, private and home-schooled were invited to research Douglass and create artwork - visual, written, and digital - inspired by his life.

Last Fall a celebration was held at the Chesapeake Arts Center in Brooklyn, MD, for the particpants of the competition. Winners were awarded prized and all students who participated recieved special token takeaways.

Maryland Hall is fortunate to collaborate with AACPS, the students, and sponsors, to display the work in our Openshaw Balcony Gallery.

*Anne Arundel County sponsors included the Banneker-Douglass Museum, the Northern Arundel Cultural Preservation Society, Anne Arundel Trust for Preservation, Anne Arundel County Public Schools, the Arts Council of Anne Arundel County, Maryland Hall of Records, Galesville Community Center, Ann Arrundell Historical Society, Chesapeake Arts Center, Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts, Anne Arundel County Library and the Wiley H. Bates Legacy Center.*

CAC Winners

Elementary School Winners

1st Place Karma Lobsang - Crofton Meadows, 5th grade,  Video with text, photos and narration - self directed and produced

2nd  Lenore Amihere – Crofton Meadows,  Mobile with drawings of Frederick Douglass, African figures and texts in multi-dimensions of mixed media 

3rd – Winter Noel Smith, Monarch Academy/ 4th grade, graphic designs on fabric and clothing

Middle School Winners  

1stPlace – Kyla Kennedy, Crofton Middle, 6th grade, pencil art of Frederick Douglass' spirit and freedom symbols (broken chains, books and North Star)

2nd Hannah VanderWall, Rockbridge Academy - Gambrills, Composition with graphics and text

3rd Jett Stephens, McArthur Middle, 7th grade, Story Book (comic style) with illustrations and text story line

High School Winners

1stPlace – Isabella Ferreira, Broadneck HS, 11th grade,  Original drawing 

2nd Place - Jaylah Easter, Meade HS, 12th grade, original poetry, expounding on Douglass’ poetic writings and messages.

3rd Place – Angela Guzman, Mead HS, 10th grade, Original painting with coded and reverse message patterns