Faces: Drawings and Paintings by Stephanie Scarlata

Martino Gallery, 2nd floor


Stephanie Scarlata, Chinese Man with Oranges (left) and Native American Mother (right), pencil and watercolor

Exhibition Statement​

An exhibition inviting visitors to focus on commonalities with others rather than anything else.

Although no two faces share the same story, we do share in that we are all here, doing our best with what we have to feed someone / to teach someone / to protect someone / to better someone else's life and that story is unifying.

Stephanie Scarlata is interested in the natural environment, people and the undeniable connection between the two. She specializes in large scale abstract painting, portraiture, and design.  She draws on inspiration from simple elements in nature and the stories behind faces, striving to balance abstraction and realism to create strong visual and emotional statements.​In addition to other visual artists, Scarlata's greatest inspiration comes from those who are steadfast in realizing their dreams.

Scarlata studied at the University of Maryland​, College Park​ and the School of Art, University of Tasmania.  She was accepted into the Vermont Studio Center Residency Program as a painter and discovered Vermont was her "American Tasmania," the island she had fallen in love with a few years before for its rugged beauty.  "No one ate meat pies on their lunch break or created wallaby-proof fences around their vegetable gardens, but if there had to be a U.S. state to bear the name of the tiny island state of Australia, Vermont would be it," she quipped.  At Frog Hollow Art Center in Middlebury, she worked as a gallery assistant and art instructor before she caught the travel bug, producing and/or selling art abroad in England, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Thailand, Singapore, and China.​

Scarlata’s work has been exhibited in Vermont and ​Philadelphia - including a group exhibition in Penang, Malaysia - with several pieces permanently on display in Hobart, Tasmania. Scarlata has settled in her home state of Maryland with her family.  She works one-on-one with others to cultivate their artistry and mentors students pursuing visual art at the college level at Brick Church Studio​.  

Artist Statement
I paint because it is simultaneously freeing and grounding, and it serves as a vehicle to connect with those around me.  As a teenager, lasting impressions were made by Robert Motherwell, Mark Rothko, Annie Leibovitz, and Steve McCurry for their respective strengths — strong marks, rich colors, ability to portray the heart of someone, and find unexpected beauty — and their strengths, I hope, will one day be permanent assets of mine.

As long as there is a story to be told, great art has the potential to be made.  I believe we all have an innate ability to make things, things that are distinctly our own, and we should chip away at that pursuit​.