Everlasting Dualities | Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts

Everlasting Dualities

Openshaw Balcony Gallery, 3rd floor


Exhibition Statement

Throughout our lives people, conversations, and events leave a mark on us eternally. As time passes, we hold on to these little moments with emotions that range from passion, uneasiness, tension, grief, resentment, and nostalgia.  Three distinct relationships are featured in this exhibition conveying romantic, family, and the relationship we have with one’s self. Using these three categories, I investigated the ways in which relationships ultimately shape our identities and who we become.

Each image in this exhibition is created using self-portraits in varied domestic and non-domestic locations while paired with an ordinary representative object. Through the use of self-portraiture, I present the complicated relationship that one has with themselves and individuals in their lives. The text is sourced from anonymous digital submissions and then embedded on the body to create tattoos which illustrate the permanent effect that relationships have on us. By using both black and white and color imagery the photographs depict the conflict between new and old memories.  In addition to imagery, there is an audio component created from these digital submissions that allow viewers to feel completely emerged emotionally and physically into the individual personal stories presented.

Melania Brescia, Sally Mann, Elinor Carucci, and Sophie Calle are artists that have influenced me throughout this process. Every day we are confronted with objects that remind us of people and events that have impacted our lives forever, Everlasting Dualities is a narrative about that struggle between holding on and letting go of the past.

Artist Biography

A 2016 graduate from The University of Mississippi, Paige Shryock received her BFA with an emphasis in Imaging Arts. Working in all art mediums, Shryock is a practicing artist while working professionally as a graphic designer and writer along with an interest in marketing and education. She has written featured stories for The Tab. In 2012, 24 Hours was presented in San Diego, CA at the 2014 National Art Education Association National Convention. Working in array of mediums of the arts much of her work investigates sociology and psychology working with human emotions in a narrative form.  Discarded items and their significance in mundane every day is another aspect of her work as well. Heavily influenced by emotions, perspectives, and ideas of the everyday; her mission is to have her viewers identify with her work on a personal level, fine art background or not.  Paige Shryock currently resides in Annapolis, Maryland.​