Daniel Riesmeyer: Drawings and Paintings | Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts

Daniel Riesmeyer: Drawings and Paintings

Martino Gallery, 2nd floor


Artist Statement

As a painter, my principle concern is with perception and the call-and-response interaction I have with both my subject and the painting. 

My work is autobiographical in a sense because I tend to make paintings about my experiences, the people who have populated my life, and my environment.  When I begin a painting it is usually because I have been struck by something special or magical about a particular place or object – and that “something” becomes the goal towards which I try to work.  In the case of the figurative paintings, I tend to start with an emotive feeling  - trying to find a meaningful form for that feeling through the painting process.  I think the result of this is an interesting psychological tension between figures, the figure and its environment, and the figure being observed by a viewer. 

In both cases, fidelity to perception (both to my outer and inner worlds) is my chief concern.  I can't help but draw from my own experiences but I want the initial impulses for each painting to be a staring point and not something that I simply illustrate.  I think this is one of the most beautiful aspects of genuine artistic expression - a painting can come from a very personal interior space while saying something that transcends our limited scope.

Gallery Talk | Thursday, January 12th | 6:30 | Martino Gallery