A Connection in Clay: A National Invitational Exhibit | Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts

A Connection in Clay: A National Invitational Exhibit

Chaney Gallery, 2nd floor

A national invitational exhibit of pottery curated by Maryland Hall Ceramics Instructor John McClure.

A national invitational exhibit of American potters curated by MHCA Ceramics Instructor John McClure. Invited potters will show how they have been influenced and who they influence. Works will be exhibited by emerging artists and their mentor as well as current masters and their mentor together with the artists they are influencing. The show will illustrate the dialog between potters and their relationships in the craft. Among those exhibiting are Hank Murrow, Jeff Oestreich, Kenyon Henson and Matt Hyleck.

Studio Potters have a long tradition of sharing, mentoring, supporting and developing their craft together as well as alone. This show is based on asking a group of potters to share their work, their influences, mentors and people they are working with or have supported. I have been so honored to have these fabulous people share their work for this exhibit. While we were setting it up these photos were taken and show how really great these folks are and the work is outstanding! - John McClure