Amare Selfu Worku: Coexist | Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts

Amare Selfu Worku: Coexist

Balcony Gallery, 3rd floor


Artist Statement

The idea of moving from one place to another, relocating and the process of assimilating oneself within a foreign environment and culture, how placement and displacement impact the formation of new identity and construction of self in a different way inspire me. Related to this idea, I am interested in the physicality and non-physicality of borders and mental mapping, the liminal zone between here and there, the differentiation that takes place simultaneously between us and them, ours and theirs, towards the creation of feelings of inclusion, exclusion and otherness.

I am also interested in the politics of geo-political borderlines. The complexity of perceptual and physical lines and its interconnectedness in a micro-border level in our everyday lives also intrigue me. Especially as it relates to border lines as transformational spaces where opposites meet and altered in to another space both as physical and metaphoric sense. And how lines are an end and also beginning of defining one’s identity in a place.