Lyn Vencus | Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts

Lyn Vencus


A recent transplant to Annapolis, it took very little time to become a big fan of Maryland Hall. As a yoga instructor, teaching in such a creative, vibrant space as Maryland Hall is an absolute thrill. I'm excited for the opportunity to deepen my connection by sharing YogAlign with the community.

Prior to moving to the area, I lived in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, where I also trained and taught at Pure Prana Yoga Studio (aka YogaWorks) and Radiance Yoga Studio for eight years. An avid practitioner of various styles of yoga for more than twenty-five years, my transition into teaching was very natural.

I began seeking out safer ways to move the body, after learning I had the beginnings of osteopenia, an often silent condition affecting bone mass. My eyes were opened under the guidance of Carol Krucoff and Kimberly Carson at Duke's Integrative Medicine facility in Durham, N.C. With their training, I began questioning the goal and safety of each pose for each individual student. That philosophy stayed with me and would continue to inform my teaching. From there, I wanted more.

When I witnessed a fellow yoga teacher and good friend transforming her injured body through the practice of YogAlign, I was sold. I booked a spot for the next teacher training with Michaelle Edwards and flew to Hawaii. The experience was life changing. Not because I spent three weeks on the beautiful island of Kuaui (although that wasn't hard to take) but because my goal to find a yoga practice that is safe, accessible, sustainable and also fun, had been realized.

Now my teaching goals are: to create a safe and unconditional space for students to unleash their creativity by giving them back their "kid" body; to give them tools to help them remember how to be present in their body, and to recognize when they are holding tension and ways to let it go.                                                                                                                                                                

When not practicing or teaching YogAlign, I unleash my own creativity by connecting with nature while hiking, biking, kayaking and traveling. Still a kid at heart, I play with letting my imagination run free while designing, painting and listening to music.