Carmen Nolte

Belly Dance


Carmen Nolte is a busy performance artist, choreographer, director of 2 dance troupes, event organizer and dance instructor with over 7 years of teaching experience.

She grew up in Lebanon and never forgot about the beautiful dancers she saw there. Later she learned that every woman (and man) can indulge in this ancient art form. She also embraces the never western influenced developments in Belly Dance and includes elements in her choreographies.  

Nolte has extensive training and experience in various Belly Dance styles. Her education started 20 years ago in Germany and since then she has continually extended her skills and knowledge and has learned from many internationally renowned dancers, including some of the famous and fabulous Belly Dance Superstars.

Artist Statement

When you find something that fascinates you, even touches your heart, you feel a need to share it with others. The ancient art of Belly Dance attracts, brings together and binds women of all backgrounds, age groups and life situations. The beautiful undulations, isolations, shimmies and locks are highly beneficial for many health aspects. It renders itself as a means of self expression and creativity. The history of this dance is fascinating.

It is my mission to share  all this ancient and new knowledge that has enriched my life and widened my horizons with others.