Cheryl Mauck Dance Recitals: 10am & 12pm | Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts

Cheryl Mauck Dance Recitals: 10am & 12pm

May 18th
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Cheryl Mauck's Maryland Hall Dance Recitals. All seats are general admission. All ages must have a ticket. Doors open at 9:30 am & 11:30 am for seating.  The following list shows the Maryland Hall class times that will be performing at the 10 am & 12 pm recitals, and includes the song & order they will perform:

10:00 AM RECITAL  May 18, 2019 

THURSDAY 3:45 PM  (Rhythm of the Rain)

TUESDAY 10:00 AM  (Dance With Your Teddy Bear)

THURSDAY 10:00 AM  (The Tooth Fairy Loves Ballet)

TUESDAY 10:45 AM  (I’ve Got Rhythm) 

THURSDAY 12:45 PM  (One, Two, Three Whee)

WEDNESDAY 3:45 PM  (Heart)

THURSDAY 4:45 PM  (We Got the Beat)

WEDNESDAY 6:00 PM  (Broadway Medley)


12:00 pm RECITAL, May 18, 2019 

WEDNESDAY 4:30 PM  (Once Upon A Time) 

MONDAY 12:00 PM  (Freeze Dance)

THURSDAY 1:30 PM  (A Penny A Kiss)

MONDAY 12:45 PM  (The Ballet Song)

MONDAY 4:45 PM  (The Jazz Dance)

WEDNESDAY 10:00 AM  (Rainbow Ballerina)

MONDAY 5:30 PM  (Greatest Showman)

WEDNESDAY 5:15 PM  (Can’t Stop the Beat)