Catapult: The Amazing Magic of Shadow Dance | Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts

Catapult: The Amazing Magic of Shadow Dance

Presented by Maryland Hall
September 30th
4:00 PMPurchase

Catapult: The Amazing Magic of Shadow Dance

Catapult Entertainment presents an evening of varied shadow dance/theater works which tell stories and showcase the magic of shadow illusions. There is no question that Catapult is a rising star with a bright future and the top company of its kind in the world.

Catapult catapulted to fame on Season 8 of America's Got Talent, earning their way to the finals of the NBC-TV hit show. Technically, Catapult is a shadow dance company. But it is really a theatrical art form that is an amazingly imaginative combination of dance, story-telling and sculpture. Catapult is about the human body and its ability to transform. The talented Catapult dancers work behind a screen to create seemingly impossible dancing shadow silhouettes of shapes from the world around us.​

Watch these incredible dancers become a mountain, a full size elephant, a helicopter, a house with a window and people inside. Catapult's show is packed with hundreds of shape transformations and is full of humor, emotion and engaging stories. You will never figure out how they do it and you won't know what they will make next! 


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