Capital Renovation Progress

Summer 2015 Construction Dramatically Improves Theatre
Acoustics for 2015 Performing Arts Season

The Whiting-Turner construction team installed 30-foot Diva® acoustic shell ceiling panels that meet the existing shell towers (part of last year’s major theatre modernization) to complete the acoustic shell. With the shell complete, the theatre sound is dramatically enhanced, allowing greater projection of sound into the audience and helping performers hear better which makes them perform better!  As the performance sound moves out to the audience instead of getting “lost” within and above the stage, it becomes more defined and distinct. Patrons will hear more elements in the music than ever before at Maryland Hall! 

Watch this video from Wenger Corporation about our recent sound improvements:

Dramatically enhanced acoustics come to the Maryland Hall theatre stage.

Stage curtains, lights, and other equipment were removed to make way for construction workers to install the reflectors.​
Rigging was installed on the stage ceiling to hold up the reflectors.
Individual ceiling panels were delivered and carried into the theatre one by one.
Panels were hammered into the rigging and assembled into four rows of 30-foot wide reflectors.
A joystick console is used to maneuver the reflectors to the optimum sound-enhancing position for performances​.
Reflectors were hoisted above the stage and fitted to create the acoustic shell. Stage lights are located within the panels.


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