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Patrice Drago

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:Patrice Drago, (left) Let's Take the Trolley, Acrylic on BFK Rives paper (right) Stacked, Acrylic, Spraypaint on Rives paper


Patrice Drago is an East Coast abstract artist and arts columnist.  Originally from New York, she has lived all up and down the coast from Maine to Florida. Her artistic roots are in abstract expression, winning her first art award at the age of 9, and by 14 she was creating very large paintings on sheets with house paint. While she is predominantly an acrylic and mixed media painter, her work ranges from abstract to representational in almost all 2D media, and 3-D work in papier-mâché. She also designs artwork for clothing accessories and textiles. 

Her paintings are in corporate and private collections in the US and Europe, and are exhibited in Maryland, DC, New York, and Maine. Actively involved in the Annapolis art community, Patrice is Vice President on the Maryland Federation of Art (MFA) Board of Directors, and has been working for several years to help revitalize the Annapolis Arts District. She is the author of the monthly Gallery Column for the Annapolis Capital Gazette newspaper. 

Artist Statement

I have a passion for beauty. Vibrant color and energetic designs move my soul. I was drawn to composition from the time I had my first crayon in hand, recognizing even then that the same colors combined in different designs can make radically different statements.

I love the process of creating art, and the results that come from a “prepared spontaneity”. Most of my work is multi-layered, starting with an under-painting of pattern or abstract line.  The history of the painting is built through shaping blades, subtraction, applications of paper and spray paint.  Pure abstracts begin with a line composition and develop organically through action painting, especially the larger works. My urban work has a layered geometric perspective, showing the vibrancy of the city and its sharp contrast to nature with angles and squares.

My animal works are my most detailed works, using fine brushes and micro-pens to bring out their personalities, and the humor and joy I see in them shows through in the finished work.

I constantly research and experiment with new techniques, materials and applications to continue to grow, share with other artists and create fresh new perspectives.  No matter how far out I venture, I always remain true to my inner voice, which is to create works that are stimulating and uplifting.

 Patrice Drago, Quantum, Acrylic on canvas


Patrice Drago, (left) Add and Subtract, (right) Midtown 2