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Claire McArdle



Claire McArdle is an internationally recognized sculptor. She grew up in the Washington DC metro area where she began studying art in high school. Her regular trips to the National museums at a young age exposed her to a wide range of sculpture from around the world. She was particularly inspired by sculpture of the European modern masters, Old Europe and Africa. After earning a Bachelor in Fine Arts she moved to Italy in 1988 to work with the master carvers in Carrara and continues to travel to Italian quarries to rough out her travertine and marble work. 

Her style has been influenced by classical figures and the soul that speaks within tribal art, but her figures emerge from her own personal mythology and archetypes. Her energy for exploring these mysteries and an insatiable passion for working stone, clay, and bronze, combine to create forms with harmonious balance and an ethereal quality.

Her works are in  private and public collections throughout the United States, Europe, Mexico and Japan. She was selected to carve marble sculptures on-site for two public parks in Japan. McArdle's commissions for public, educational, and religious institutions include monumental works for Spring Hill College, Mobile, AL, Marian House, Baltimore, MD, The Holton-Arms School, Bethesda, MD, St. Bede, Williamsburg, VA, Holy Trinity Church, Washington, DC, Holy Redeemer College, Washington, DC as well as many private commissions. Reviews include The Washington Post, The Baltimore Sun, The Daily Record, and the Osaka Shinbun.

She is a professional member of the Washington Sculptors Group, the National Museum of Women in the Arts and International Sculpture Center.

Artist Statement

For thousands of years, following human kind’s self-realization, many forms of art have been created to give meaning to our existence.  Artists created paintings, sculptures and dances to express the beliefs and myths of creation, man’s place in the universe, and his relationship to nature. 

My interest in art and mythology began as a child.  I was drawn to the art and artifacts from the prehistoric and ancient world. I recognized at an early age that cross-cultural similarities abound in the archetypes of mythology, binding us together as one species with common ancestors.  The symbolism created by artists therefore connects us through the Arts. 
My work is an extension of my constant revisiting of these myths and mysteries as I try to bridge the relationship between the ancient world and our modern existence.  I aim to create timeless work that resonates with spirit.  In this process, I develop expressions of my personal mythology, bound to my ancestors through the archetype, altered by the world in which I live, made unique by my hand.
Visiting Artist