Analemmatic (Human) Sundial | Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts

Analemmatic (Human) Sundial

Maryland Hall is home to an Analemmatic (Human) Sundial, an educational garden "sculpture" created with mathematical computations to assist one in deciphering the time of day. One stands on the current month and reads his/her shadow location on the number shown on the "clock." It is adjusted for daylight savings time. It is located on the front lawn of Maryland Hall. 

Maryland Hall was given the sculpture by the Garden Club of Annapolis in honor of Evie Renz. The sculpture is in memory of Renz's tireless energy and dedication of service to the community and the residents of the City of Annapolis.

Initiated in 2003, the Garden Club of Annapolis (GCA) is a non-profit organization. Their goals include: stimulate a knowledge and love of gardening among amateur gardeners of all ages; increase knowledge of floral design, horticulture and other aesthetic uses; aid in protecting native plants, birds, etc. and help to further beautify Annapolis. For GCA information, visit