The Other Side of King: The Musical | Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts

The Other Side of King: The Musical

January 15th
7:00 PM

The Other Side of King: The Musical

Based on the Visionary Artistry of Phyllis "Tee" Adams
Written & Directed by Kevin Smith

Co-Presented by Maryland Hall, 1440 Project LLC & Light it Up with Triple A

Take a ride on an emotional journey, behind all of the cameras, into the other side of Martin Luther King, Jr. Experience his church, his family, his home, and his hang out spots through an imagining of historical events in his life through the perspective of his close relatives and friends. The time period is 1965 up to 1968, the year King was assassinated. In this heartfelt musical, we experience what the other side of his life looked and felt like as he and his family deal with the changes of the world.

This original musical includes fictional and factual events based on research into King's life. It makes its world debut at Maryland Hall!

Free and open to the public. Advanced registration is required. Open Seating, Doors open at 6:30 pm.