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India Arie: Worthy Tour at Maryland Hall

Presented by Rams Head
October 12th
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It’s no secret to India.Arie fans that the word ‘worthy’ has been an empowering expression of self-love for her and her audience over the years. Faithfully repurposed as the title and theme of her brand new 16-track album, including 13 songs and 3 interludes, India’s first full-length offering in five years is set to impact a world finally attuned to the kind of empathic sea-change the humanitarian singer/songwriter has embraced her entire career.

Recognized as a major influence for a new generation of socially aware artists, India is both ahead of her time and of it - an evocative creative force on a mission to spread healing, peace, love and unconditional self-acceptance through the power of words and music.

India’s message of healing, love, and compassion viewed through the lens of her indelible artistry and spiritual practice has made her a global difference-maker for nearly two decades. It was 2001’s seminal Acoustic Soul (nominated for seven GRAMMYs) and the groundbreaking self-acceptance anthem “Video,” that established her as a bold new transformative force in music. Twenty-two GRAMMY nominations later (with four GRAMMY wins), she endures as one of the most empowering artists in music history (she launched her own lifestyle/music brand SoulBird in 2011), notching multiple award-winning albums and influential, chart-topping singles, meshing soul, folk, pop, R&B and hip hop and redefining the boundaries of the socially conscious singer/songwriter.

Also among her accomplishments and accolades are 10 world tours, millions of records sold, five Top Ten albums (including her #1 debuting 2006 release, Testimony: Vol.1, Life & Relationship), numerous NAACP Image Awards, BET Awards, MTV Awards, command performances for three US Presidents, (receiving public praise from President Clinton and President Obama) as well as working alongside her mentor Stevie Wonder, including sharing the stage in his history-making 2014-2015 Songs In The Key Of Life Tour. She also met the Dalai Lama and toured the National Civil Rights Museum with him in Memphis, TN. Growing up in Atlanta (she was born in Denver and moved when she was 13) she was inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame in 2009, and has joined Oprah Winfrey on multiple projects. She was also chosen by Winfrey’s OWN Network for their Super Soul 100 list in the ‘Change Makers and Wisdom Teachers’ category.

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