Jovenes Artistas (Young Artists Exhibit) | Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts

Jovenes Artistas (Young Artists Exhibit)

2nd Floor Hallway

Photographs by more than 15 Hispanic/Latino Bates Middle School students in MHCA's ArtReach Program called Jovenes Artistas (Young Artists). The theme for the work is "Documenting Our Family and Community Through Photography."

Jovenes Artistas is an after-school arts program for at-risk Hispanic/Latino youth that combines mentoring, tutoring and hands-on arts experiences.  The goal of the program is to create a safe environment for students to gain appreciation for the arts and motivation to do well in school.  The program allows students to express their personal stories in creative ways while also increasing literacy skills by writing in artful journals.  An integral part of the program is for students to create artwork which tells the stories of their identities.  The program consists of four, 6-week sessions from January through June 2013.  The first session was titled "Documenting Our Family and Community Through Photography ."  The students took self portraits, toured their community taking photos and photographed their families.

Jovenes Artistas is made possible through a grant by the Kohnken Foundation.