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Anima Mundi

Chaney Gallery, 2nd floor
Large and small sculptures in bronze, terra cotta and marble by internationally-known sculptor Claire McArdle.
Two new events in conjunction with the exhibit:
  • An Evening of Sculpture and Dance: Saturday, June 1 from 5-7 pm. Discover the transformative power of art through dance and sculpture as dancers Cynthia Word and Ingrid Zimmer perform the timeless dance movements of Isadora Duncan in the galleries, uncovering the inspiration for many of McArdle's archetypal sculptures and drawings. Light refreshments will be served.
  • Closing Reception: Saturday, June 8 from 5-7 pm. Enjoy light refreshments and brief remarks by the artist.
Private tours of the exhibit are available by appointment by contacting MHCA Gallery Director, Sigrid Trumpy at 410-263-5544, ext. 16.
The exhibit will be open to the public on its final day, Sunday, June 9 from noon to 5 pm.

​Click here to see a sampling of the work on display and available for sale.

Artist Statement:  Anima Mundi

Ten years ago I moved my studio out West to a working ranch. This collection of work has grown out of that period. It reflects the revitalized relationship I have with the land and the animals, and also my deepened awareness of the natural cycles of life and death. Marble, travertine, bronze, and terra cotta are the media through which I represent visions from my subconscious mind and dreams. These sculptures represent symbols from deep within my psyche and create a framework for my own personal mythology. Vertebrate paleontology and archeology link us to our physical past and extend our collective memory; mythology connects us to a cross cultural consciousness through dreams, visions, art and archetypes.  Drawing inspiration from both physical and symbolic records of life, I have collected bones from the bison and horses to incorporate into my figurative work and expand my story. The female torso represents the Prima Madre, the archetype of the Earth Mother, sacred and forgotten. The bison is a symbol of survival. The horse is a historic partner to humanity and moving forward. The human figure becomes a seeker of truth, searching for a place in the universe and a relationship to the cosmos. These archetypes are universal. They exist in the prehistoric and the contemporary mind, and form the essence of Anima Mundi.

Biography:  Claire McArdle

Claire McArdle is an internationally recognized sculptor. She grew up in the Washington DC metro area where she began studying art in high school. Her regular trips to the National museums at a young age exposed her to a wide range of sculpture from around the world. She was particularly inspired by sculpture of the European modern masters, Old Europe and Africa. Her style has been influenced by classical figures and the soul that speaks within tribal art, but her figures emerge from her own personal mythology and archetypes. Her energy for exploring these mysteries and an insatiable passion for working stone, clay, and bronze, combine to create forms with harmonious balance and an ethereal quality.

After earning a Bachelor in Fine Arts she moved to Italy in 1988 to work with the master carvers in Carrara. She continues to travel to Italy to quarry and rough out her works in marble and travertine. She maintains her studio in Colorado where she lives with her husband on their ranch on the front range of the Rocky Mountains.

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